Collect 34% More Donations With Secure Mobile-Friendly Donation Pages

Online donation forms and Mobile Donation

Boost online and monthly giving. Our flexible forms put you in complete control and enable you to raise more money. Start accepting donations online with our customizable form to take on the look and feel of your site. Customizable donation forms give you branding flexibility allowing donors to see your organization’s logo and look from start to finish. Donations are simpler and faster than ever, with a single step from the donation form to the confirmation page

Turn your data into clear, insightful and beautiful dashboards

Data visualization with MICHARITY

Easily track campaign progress with our comprehensive view of campaign's metrics. Track the progress of your programs and increase transparency through interactive visuals that make data easy for everyone to understand. Across datasets, at any level, insights are at your fingertips, enabling you to make new connections and accelerate positive change. Get to know your donors in-depth for better fundraising results

Retain your donors by giving them something back

Boost retention with our Donors Perks and expect to see a lot of smiles

The more value donors get from your organization, the greater likelihood they will continue to support your cause. Your donors get special deals and discounts from leading brand name companies with each donation. It is the fastest and easiest way to add value to your fundraising strategy, by giving your customers what they want most — incredible savings on the products and services they purchase every day. We call them perks, and we wrap them all up in a private website set up exclusively for your donors. It is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details. Your donors enjoy all the benefits

Shining a light on valuable donors and create long-lasting relationships

Customer Insights and Analytics

Do more with less time, tighter budgets, and fewer people is the new mantra for nonprofits. An organization ability to drive strong donations growth hinges on the depth of its donors insights and how well it translates those insights into effective action. Insights into donors can help non-profits spark innovation, uncover the most promising sources of intelligences to develop or maintain successful campaigns. We provide insights by analyzing multiple data sources. We look at donors from the outside in–turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights that can inform your decision-making

How we can help?

Donor Insights
With our platform, users will gain access to the most current demographic trends to monitor changes in market share, migration and income—neighborhood by neighborhood - that have occurred recently and that are projected for years into the future

We help you understand your donors’ preferred social media and mobile habits as well as their favorite TV shows, radio programs, magazines, newspaper sections and websites. We can help make your marketing campaigns more effective - reaching more of the right donors with the right message using the right channel

Finding new donors is much easier with our platform. We identify and geotag your existing donor base and provide you with a breakdown of where to find similar donors based on their demographics, lifestyle, preferences, values and buying habits

Email Marketing & SMS Campaign

Design Beautiful Campaigns That Inspire Action

No design or coding skills required!
Just drag image and text blocks right into your email and move 'em around with the click of a mouse. Get the look you want with cool image tools to crop, resize and flip. Make your message standout with background colors and patterns, a custom call-to-action button and more

Create a beautiful email in minutes
Our templates adhere to “responsive design” principles. That means each and every one will adjust automatically to look great on a phone, tablet or PC

SMS campaign made simple

MICHARITY allows you to easily manage all your text messaging, including text message marketing campaigns and transactional messages. For SMS campaigns, you can take advantage of all the features provided by MICHARITY for email campaigns. Import your contact list including mobile phone numbers, create a filter to select a portion of your contacts, schedule your campaign, and analyze the results in detail. MICHARITY offers premium text messages, which are 160-characters in length and can be aggregated with additional messages. In some service countries, you are also able to personalize the name of the sender in 11 characters

Email Marketing & SMS Features

Contact Management

  • Import Contact Files
  • Custom Contact Fields
  • Search & Segment Contacts
  • Custom Unsubscribe Forms

Campaign Creation

  • Responsive Email Design
  • HTML Editor
  • Image Hosting
  • Social Sharing
  • Dynamic Personalization

Email Sending

  • Spam Check & Inbox Testing
  • Text Messaging / SMS
  • Dedicated IP Address

Campaign Tracking

  • Complete Campaign Reports
  • Export Report Data
  • Open & Click-Through Reports

Transactional Emails

  • Transactional Email Templates
  • Real-Time Metrics


  • APIs
  • PrestaShop Plugin
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Magento Plugin
  • Drupal Plugin
  • Custom Subscription Forms


  • Import Sales Orders
  • Track Custom Indicators / KPIs
  • Trigger Marketing

Kiosk Giving remove Barriers & increase Generosity

Kiosk Giving help people take the next step

Our Kiosk includes a metal wall mount and enclosure to assure the tablet can’t be tampered with. The software is locked down so it can’t be hacked or accessed by a non-administrator

Studies have shown non-profits that collect donations electronically on-site raise 25 percent more than those that don’t

Our Kiosk is small and subtle in its design and suitable for any environment

With Micharity Kiosk, a transaction can be completed in less than 10 seconds. All a donor needs to do is select a donation amount, swipe their card and they’re finished

Donors receive an instant tax receipt with each donation via email and access to all past transactions with our platform

Customize reports to your needs. Reports are timestamped and include the cardholder’s name and the amount given – all from the swipe of a card. Reports can be compiled daily, monthly or yearly

Easy and intuitive touch screens allow users to quickly complete registrations for events, programs and surveys with minimal typing

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