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Your all-in-one fundraising platform!

Modern and robust software designed exclusively for nonprofits. What we build helps nonprofits run faster, raise more and accomplish more with less - less time, less staff, less cost.

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You’re in good company. Trusted by nonprofits like yours to power their fundraising and increase their impact.


Everything you need in one place from start to finish

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accept and track your donations

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automatically send donation receipts

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Gain insight into your donor

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build donor relationships

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increase donor retention


Fundraise like a pro.

Collect all of your KPIs and critical metrics into an artfully designed and intuitive dashboard with information streams updated in real-time.


The old way

Managing multiple platforms creates not only financial costs, but time related ones as well. Keeping each platform running can require additional resource, cause donor resource management nightmares, and is expensive to maintain in an age where nonprofits are struggling to stay relevant and gain traction.


The Micharity way

Everything you need is under one roof and all of your data rolls into one place. We’re ushering in a new age of fundraising with powerful analytics and fully actionable, analytics-driven interactions with data enrichment tools.

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Streamline your team and process from start to finish

Execute, measure and scale your fundraising activities in every position and department. Give your team the tools to work faster and smarter, both locally and globally.

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Serious about Security

We use Micharity to run Micharity, so we protect your data as if it were our own. We work with customers every day to make sure their data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.

Why Us?

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Unmatched Value

You simply won’t find another solution that can match our value proposition. You get a one-stop shop for all of your fundraising needs, unlimited users, low processing rates for credit cards, and affordable monthly plans.

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Fast deposits are standard

Accelerate your cash flow and gain access to your donations in 24hrs via direct deposit. Unlike many other payment processors, this is a standard feature, with no extra fees required.

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Enterprise-Level Support

We invest significant resources into our onboarding team to coach customers through an effective 2 to 7 day launch strategy along with ongoing support needed for great results.